Thursday, October 13, 2011

Diadora shoes worn by two Grand Tour winners in 2011!

Do you recognize this shoe?
Diadora Pro Racer 3

You can bet that your customers will if they were watching Cadel Evans win the Tour de France and
Juan Jose Cobo win the Vuelta a Espana in 2011!

Cadel at the Tour

Cobo at the Vuelta
Check out the entire Diadora 2012 lineup after the break...

The sole of the Pro Racer 3 features 'power flow' breathable carbon sole technology. This allows the sole to breath yet remains waterproof. This sole technology is patented by Diadora parent company Geox.

It also features a Suprell-Tech upper, with D-Skin technology and Morpho Cage containment....this means that it fits well across the entire foot with superior stability and abrasion resistance while remaining highly breathable. The Proracer 3 also features a replaceable heel pad and the micro CL ratchets (that are far superior to anything other ratchet I have ever had on a cycling shoe.)
The Proracer 3 retails at $379

Diadora is also making an excellent high end MTB race shoe as well-

The Pro Trail 2.0

The high-end Protrail 2.0 is the mountain bike 'version' of the Proracer 3. Highlights include a full carbon sole with duratech rubber sole, a highly abrasion resistant upper (see technical jargon above), and a brushed suede lining (that has an excellent feel and heel retention properties!) The Duratech rubber sole is very long wearing and way sticker on rocks and uneven surfaces than any other MTB shoe I have ever owned.

The ProTrail 2.0 also retails at $379

Diadora is also offering great price points for road, mountain, tri, xterra, touring, and winter as well!

The X Trail 2 @ $199

 The X Country 2 @ $149

 The Globe @ $99

The Speedracer 2 Carbon @ $249

The Aerospeed 2 @ $149

The Sonic (Tri) @ $179

The Polaris winter boot @$199

There are several more models available in MTB and road and there are also women's models available in some of the more popular models.

There are excellent preseason booking discounts and a special program that dealers can make huge margins on with the Aerospeed 2 and the X country 2!

For more specs and info please download the Diadora 2012 catalog or visit the Diadora website for more info. Please contact me directly for ordering details or if you would like to take a look at the samples.

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