Monday, October 17, 2011

DZR Shoes 2012

Tired of being the guy at the grocery store with 'tap shoes' on? Here is the solution.

DZR shoes offer stylish street shoes with the advantage of a recessed SPD cleat. These shoes offer all day comfort and 'bikeability'. Perfect for just kickin' around, commuting, and running errands. Don't be the guy skating around on linoleum floors in your race shoes.
All DZR shoes feature clipless SPD compatibility and gum rubber outsoles
Full line pics and more details after the break....

Minna/ District/ Midnight
Ovis and Strasse

This year DZR is also offering a few mountain bike specific models which employ more padding in the foot and ankle areas. These 2012 models are available in carnivore and vegan models.

Mamba and Mamba X
The Dice
There are also several women's models available. DZR shoes retail from $85- $139. Please contact me for more details.

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