Friday, October 21, 2011

Ergon PC2 Pedals

Last year at Interbike Ergon released their first pedal the PC2.

The description of the PC2 from the Ergon website:
'A more efficient pedal. Ergon introduces the first flat pedal (or Contour Pedal as we call it) to provide an ergonomic and positive connection between bike and user. The first pedal designed with biomechanics and correct foot position in mind. Advantages are increased power transfer, more control and fewer hot spots and knee complaints. 

The Ergon PC2 is the first non SPD-type pedal constructed with the ergonomic biomechanical demands of the user as a priority. '

 ...more info and a review from after the break-

I will admit that I was very skeptical about these pedals initially. They look huge! However once I put them on my commuter bike it was apparent that they were truly different; revolutionary even. The contoured footbed holds your foot in the proper pedaling position. With a traditional flat pedal it is too easy to simply slide your foot forward and pedal with the middle of your foot on the pedal; this will result in significant power loss and general uncomfortableness. The pedals feel extremely positive by holding your foot properly (with the spindle bisecting your 1st and 5th metatarsals) and with a 6 degree outward slope. This gives the rider a sense of security and control (in any footwear) not found in a typical flat pedal. The 'swale' and correction come together to keep your foot in the 'sweet spot'.

Guitar Ted from has been riding them all summer.
'I found that I had less barriers to using my bicycle; I could literally be on my bike in seconds, and my feet wouldn't ever hurt, and I had a very efficient platform for riding. Safe, secure, and comfortable. I used my bicycle a lot more.' - Guitar Ted

Read his review here and end of summer follow up review here.

The PC2 pedals come in two sizes, (S and L), are available exclusively from Ergon, and retail at $69.95.

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