Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lupine Piko TL and upgraded Piko 3

The newest addition to the Lupine family is the Piko TL (flashlight). It was recently reviewed by for their 2012 lighting shootout and scored excellent marks.

Piko TL Max

More Piko Kits, and information, and options after the break.

This is a sub 200 gram 750 lumen multi use 'flashlight' that can also be mounted to handlebars using the optional handlebar mount:

These new flashlights are a follow up to their Piko 3 lighting system that was released last year at 550 lumens. This year the Piko 3 has been upgraded to a spectacular 750 lumens in a 55 gram lighthead powered by 2 Cree XML LED'S! The entire system (including sealed battery with 2.25 hr runtime on high) weighs less than 200 grams!
Piko 3 Kit

Piko 3 helmet mounted
Piko 3 with optional QR handlebar mount

The Piko 3 lighting system retails at $330 (not including optional bar mount)
The Piko TL Max Flashlight will retail at $399 when it is available later this fall.

All Lupine products are available through me and distributed in the US by

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