Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rubena Kratos 29er Tire

Rubena Tires are available in the US exclusively from Cyclone Distribution. They are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Rubena Kratos 29 x 2.25
The Kratos is dual compound tire with 2 different durometers of rubber; the black center tread is a 60 durometer and the grey outer rubber is a 40 on the durometer scale. My first impression that the rubber was too hard; but I think my tire pressure was way to high. These tire grip great wet or dry when run at proper pressure.

I have been riding the tubeless 2.25 Kratos 29er tire for a little more than 2 months now. I have dialed down the pressure to 25 psi and they ride great! They corner a lot like a Nobby Nick from Schwalbe but they roll better and the wear life is much, much longer. They do seem to be a little narrower than the typical 2.25.

There is an extra 'rubbery layer' that envelops the Aramid bead and keeps these puppies securely on the rim (no burping/ slipping) even at 25 psi. They inflated immediately on Stans rims.

The 29 x 2.25 is 695 grams with a 127 tpi casing and retails at 62$ (with great margins!)

The entire Rubena line looks great, has generous margins, are made in the Czech Republic, and are exclusively available from Cyclone distribution. Please contact me for more information.

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