Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cycles Devinci...Wilson!

High Country Velo Sales is extremely pleased to announce the newest addition to our portfolio; Cycles Devinci!

Devinci is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer, best known for their high-end full-suspension aluminum mountain bikes. Their bikes are 100% designed, built, and tested in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Chicoutimi is one of three boroughs of the Ville of Saguenay; in an aluminum producing region of Quebec about 3 hours North of Quebec City.

Manufacturing bikes at the materials source gives Devinci a huge manufacturing advantage. This cuts raw material shipping costs and ensures excellent quality control. All full suspension frames are made from Devincis' custom drawn tubes made from their proprietary 6066 aluminum. Devinci's standard 6066 aluminum is 30% more durable and 40% stiffer than traditional 6061 aluminum. Devinci stands behind their frames with a LIFETIME warranty on their frames and swingarms.

...more suspension info,  pretty pictures, and a Wilson promo video after the break...

The Devinci 'Split Pivot' rear suspension design was developed in conjunction with Dave Weagel. Mr. Weagel has been involved in developing some of the best MTB, motocross, and automobile suspension designs to date. The Split Pivot design separates braking forces from acceleration forces; thus allowing the rear suspension to remain completely active even under full braking. If the rear suspension remains active while braking the rider has more control; which results in the rider feeling more comfortable while going faster....which is what we're all after, right?

Check out the video below for the official Dave Weagel 'Split Pivot' explanation.

Devinci's flagship DH model is the Wilson. The Wilson is being raced on the World Cup Circuit by Devinci pro rider Steve Smith. The Wilson SL version features an optional carbon swingarm; which increases the rear end lateral stiffness significantly; so much so that the shock damper had to be 'retuned'. The Wilson offers 216 mm's of buttery smooth rear end travel with no pedal feedback and great pedaling characteristics.

2012 Wilson SL

Check out the video below for some Wilson detail shots and some real world applications:

Check back over the next few days for more info on the Devinci 2012 lineup.

I am actively pursuing dealers in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming. Devinci is offering low minimums, generous terms, excellent margins, and unrivaled dealer support. Please contact me for demo center or dealership information. 

You can download the 2012 catalog over to the left...

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