Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Devinci- The Dixon

The Dixon is Devinci's all mountain rig; AKA a 'trail bike'. The category of AM/ Trail increasingly gets harder to define as travel becomes more efficient and long travel bikes become more pedalable. The Dixon defines the class with 145 mm of buttery smooth rear end split pivot travel. The Dixon combines the best of suspension, braking, and quick acceleration into a extremely efficient ride with explosive pedaling capabilities.
Dixon SL - Retail: $5799
Your customers will ask for Devinci; give them what they want! Please contact me anytime for information or if you are interested in becoming a dealer! recently did a nice expose/ review that you can find here.

Devinci offers the Dixon as a frameset and it is also offered with three different build kits ranging in price from $2999-$5799.

The Dixon has received a ton of great press lately and you will continue to see reviews popping up all over the place in 2012. Click here for our most recent review from MBR UK

Here's a little promo video to quench your thirst:

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