Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ergon GA1 Evo | Available the First Week of April 2012

The Ergon GA1 All Mountain/ Freeride grip has evolved...
 ...into the Ergon GA1 Evo.

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 'One form, 5 colors.  
The choice of Ergon Factory Riders.  
A technical grip for technical riding. 

The GA1 EVO is designed for the demands of freeriding and all mountain use. A cyclindrical grip allows for maximum freedom of movement. The anatomic shape reduces arm pump and protects the sensitive nerves going into the hand, therefore a greater level of control is achieved.   

The *New* GA1 Evo Features:
*Increased damping thanks to use of a new compound. 
*Weight greatly reduced through use of a stable composite clamp. 
*Inner core - Ergon Green (not visible when fitted). 
*Carbon bar compatible*.'
(*please note torque specs and use a torque wrench!)  

Weight will come in around 115 grams.
Available in black, white, red, blue, and Ergon Team Green.
MSRP is $24.95 (thats 5 bucks cheaper than the original GA1!)

Lighter, better, cheaper.....that's win, win, win!

The choice of Ergon Factory Riders Richie Schley and Hans Rey:

Please contact me for dealer information.

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