Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ergon SM3 Saddles Update | Release Date of April 1st 2012

The much anticipated Ergon SM3 saddles will finally be available to customers through their local bike shops the first week of April 2012!
Ergon SM3 Saddle

Forged in the classic tradition of German ergonomic specialists Ergon, the new SM3 saddle line pays special attention to details that saddle manufacturers have neglected since the advent of the bicycle.
Sleek Ergonomic German Design by Ergon; Selle Italia Handcrafted Quality
 You can download the SM3 techsheet here.

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From the SM3 Techsheet:

'The development of a bicycle saddle is a particular challenge from an Ergonomic point of view. A saddle needs to support about half of the body weight, the resulting pressure is then concentrated on the most sensitive region of the body - yet this area has to suffer no pain or discomfort if possible. At the same time the rider must not be prevented from being able to put as much power into the pedals as possible. Problems with the saddle have a direct and extremely noticeable effect on the performance, endurance and general well being of a rider. The numerous factors which must be taken into consideration when developing a saddle, are also extremely complex. For example the type of riding to be undertaken, the position on the bike, the width of a rider‘s sit bones, the sex of a rider, their level of fitness, the amount they ride in a single journey, the intensity of the workout, the type of rider they are. To develop a saddle many fields of expertise are called upon. Ergonomic specialists in the field of sport, and sports physicians, engineers, material scientists, process and CAD engineers, and industrial designers - to name but a few. Ergon‘s development team has cherry picked the best people available for each of these roles. The methodology and know-how is state of the art, and they are motivated by their passions - cycling and innovation. The technology used in the Ergon Ergonomics Laboratory, the multitude of sensors and pressure mapping, was developed in Germany and is some of the most advanced Worldwide. The intensity and effort put into the Ergon saddle‘s development phase had just one clear aim - to develop the ergonomically best fitting, most efficient, highest performing and comfortable saddle in its class.'

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All Ergon SM3 Saddles are manufactured exclusively for Ergon by Selle Italia.

There will be 3 models of SM3 saddles available. All 3 models are available in 2 widths and use the same basic layup and materials for the seat padding and surface. 

The basic 'SM3' (black only) has a composite shell and TiNox rails (sm 218g/lg 223g) and retails at $129.99
*The 'SM3 Pro' (black or white) has a carbon fiber shell and TiNox rails (sm 213g/lg218g) and retails at $159.99
*The 'SM3 Pro Carbon' (balck, white, or team edition) has a carbon fiber shell and full carbon rails (sm 179g/lg 184g) and retails at $229.99
*Pro and Pro Carbon models are also available with the Selle Italia 'Monolink' rail system

SM3 Pro Carbon Black

SM3 Pro Carbon Black

SM3 Pro Carbon White

Team Edition SM3 Pro Carbon
 Please contact me for dealer info or request Ergon SM3 saddles at you local bike shop.
Delivering to shops the first week of April 2012!


  1. I could not find any info on the actual width of the saddles in their tech sheet. Am I missing something?

  2. Dave-
    The saddles are sized according to 'sitbone width' the small is 10-13 cm and the large is coming in at 12-15 cm-
    I personally usually ride a 'wider' (143-147mm) saddle from other manufactures and the small in the Ergon fits me great. The flatter sit bone areas on the SM3 make a lot of difference. So far I am thrilled with this saddle!