Friday, May 4, 2012

ENVE Headquarters Tour

It has been a few of weeks since my last post and a lot has happened!

April 16th/17th I had the privilege of visiting the Enve Composites HQ in Ogden Utah.
Smart ENVE 8.9's
AM 26 and 29er wheels
Cockpit parts
Click below the break for a glimpse of the manufacturing and testing facilities

ENVE rims come out of the mold needing very little finish work.

Fresh out of the mold
The inside of the rims are as clean as the outside. ENVE has patented a 'removable bladder system'. ENVE is the only manufacturer that actually removes the bladders from the inside of their wheels. This process is more expensive but results in a much cleaner and balanced finished product. It also makes the wheel building process much easier due to the lack of uneven surfaces created by typical bladder systems that can interfere with proper spoke/ rim interface.
Note the 'nipples' in this pic- all spoke holes are molded into the rim.
The spoke holes on all ENVE rims are molded into the rims. This requires a different mold for each spoke pattern. All other manufacturers use the same mold for all spoke configurations and simply drill the spoke holes into the rims. This 'drilling' method compromises the fibers that the wheels are made of. ENVE also molds a 'conical seat' into the inside of the rim to improve the interface between the spoke nipple and the rim. These proprietary processes and attention to detail ensures that the final wheel build will be as close to perfect as possible

The Brake track testing machine
Testing of all ENVE products is done in-house in Ogden. ENVE goes above and beyond all UCI requirements in their brake track, deflection, inflation, impact, spoke pull, and curb testing to ensure that their customers are riding the best wheels and components on the market.
The air pressure test rig

Impact test

Spoke pull test

UCI curb impact test machine

R and D forks awaiting testing

ENVE tests other companies wheels as well

Stock rims awaiting hubs

Independent Fabrications Carbon BB Lug
ENVE also manufactures carbon tubing a lugs for most of the major US carbon bike manufactures

It is truley awesome to see an operation like this first hand. To say that ENVE rims are made in the USA is one actually see them being made and tested is something entirely different.

If you would like more information on selling the best mtb and road wheels (not to mention cockpit parts!) on the market please contact me for more information.

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