Monday, October 1, 2012

High Country Velo Sales and Velo Advantage Merger

I am very pleased to announce the merger of High Country Velo Sales and Velo Advantage.

McKenzie Winebarger, Brent Winebarger, and myself have decided to merge and become one sales agency!
The new agency is tentatively to be named 'High Country Velo Advantage' (crafty hungh?)

This will allow us to focus our efforts geographically and provide better service to our dealers as a team.

McKenzie and Brent will be taking over all accounts in NM and accounts in Southern Colorado.
I will be handling accounts in the mountains of Colorado and all of Utah. We will be sharing accounts on the Front Range of Colorado. If you are currently dealing with one of us or all of us there is no need to change; you can continue to deal with all of us, or we can talk about moving your account management over to one of us. Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or need anything.

You may see some slight changes in the near future; however, contact info for all parties will remain the same.

Brands currently represented:
Cycles Devinci
Hammer Nutrition
ENVE Composites
Troy Lee Designs
Race Face
Lupine Lighting
Profile Design
King Cage
Beljum Butter