Monday, April 22, 2013

ENVE Composites Releases 27.5 DH Wheels and 25 Classic Clinchers

In 2012 ENVE launched the first full-carbon DH rim to the public and in September of the same year, Syndicate's Greg Minnaar rode the ENVE DH rim to a World Championship victory. Now, ENVE will preview the first full-carbon 27.5" downhill rim at the annual Sea Otter Classic.
"The introduction and rapid adoption of the 27.5" wheel size has fostered a healthy debate within our industry regarding the motives behind introducing yet another wheel size. We committed to developing 27.5 for the long-travel mountain crowd because it simply improves the ride experience, and that is what ENVE is all about." said ENVE Marketing Manager Jake Pantone.

ENVE's 26" DH rims were introduced to the public after years of research, development, and ride testing under various athletes including the Santa Cruz Syndicate team. According to ENVE, the main catalyst that dictates whether a product will go into production is that it must first exceed the performance of alloy designs, and then that of competing composite designs.

ENVE's VP of Operations and former Pro Downhiller Joe Stanish commented, "Downhill racing has evolved to a level of precision where a one-percent gain in efficiency will be the difference between a World Championship and being off the podium. If bigger wheels go faster every downhill racer will be on them sooner than later. The development and release of our 27.5" downhill rim shows you where ENVE thinks DH racing is going."   

The ENVE DH is designed to perform at the top levels of downhill racing. The high performance nature of this rim is attributed to a proprietary manufacturing process, targeted laminate, and a purpose driven design. The ENVE DH rim is 31 mm deep, weighs 540 grams, and features a 21mm inner bead to bead width making it the ideal platform for wide downhill tires. ENVE's 27.5 DH Rims retail for $999/rim and $2750 as complete wheel sets built using DT Swiss or Chris King hubs and will begin shipping in June 2013. 


ENVE is pleased to announce the introduction of the ENVE 25 Clincher. This new clincher is 25mm deep and has been in ENVE's Classic line-up since 2008 in the form of the 1.25 Tubular. Over the years the 1.25 tubular rims gained popularity amongst the climbing aficionados and cyclocross racers for their light-weight, comfort, and acceleration. 

ENVE engineer Kevin Nelson said, "The 25 Clincher is a rim that the team here at ENVE has wanted to develop for several years now. This shallow section carbon clincher presented some unique development challenges that we have successfully addressed. In the end, we have created a wheel that is light, strong, and very stable in extreme weather conditions."

ENVE is offering this rim laced to their standard hub offering from Chris King, and DT Swiss. When laced to a DT350 hub you get a US Made rim, 5-Year Warranty, bladed spokes, and ultimately a very high performance climbing wheel for USD $2050.  

Marketing Manager Jake Pantone stated, "This is the perfect wheel set for fans of light-weight traditional rims and riders who aren't quite ready to make the jump to our Smart ENVE System 3.4 model clincher. If you fit into either of those classifications and you are a rider who likes to ride in the mountains like we do, then this wheel belongs on your bike."

25 Classic Clincher rim weight is stated at 396 grams

The new ENVE 25 Clincher will begin shipping to dealers in June 2013. 

25 Classic Spec Sheet

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