Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steve Smith wins in Port Angeles

Port Angeles Washington saw some of the world's best DH racers stop by for a little season kick-off party known as 'The Underworld Cup' on April 28th.

DGR's Steve Smith walked away with the victory by a little more than 2 seconds; Nick Beer slotted a solid top 10 finish (8th) and Mark Wallace finished a very respectable 15th.

Paris Gore's photo set on PinkBike.com
Colin Meagher's photo set on Pinkbike.com
Vital MTB Slideshow (with soundbites!)

Pro Men's Results
1. Steve Smith 2:22.44
2. Josh Bryceland 2:24.69
3. Connor Fearon 2:25.15
4. Aaron Gwin 2:25.17
5. Brook MacDonald 2:26.32
6. Andrew Neethling 2:26.49
7. Cam Cole 2:26.83
8. Nick Beer 2:27.00
9. Neko Mullaly 2:27.06
10. Luke Strobel 2:27.09

Bonus Footage: Darren Berrecloth's race run

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