Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ENVE re-invents the wheel | New M Series Wheels

Enve Composites has re-invented the (mountain bike) wheel!

The new ENVE M Series wheels will be released to the masses today. They will start shipping to dealers in the next couple of weeks. The M Series will replace the existing ENVE XC, AM, and DH wheels. M Series spec sheets and catalog downloads available at the bottom of this post.

The official ENVE Composites Press Release:

ENVE Launches Next Generation Mountain Wheel Line – The MSERIES 

April 8, 2014 – Ogden, UT, USA – ENVE is pleased to announce the MSERIES, a game changing collection of mountain wheels featuring four rim models developed for specific rider profiles. These four models consider a rider’s propensity towards descending versus ascending and are named accordingly. 

Each model in the MSERIES features a revolutionary design that results in a lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more predictable rim. Fundamental in the design of each new rim is a structure and shape that provides improved vertical compliance without sacrificing lateral stiffness. “As cliché as it may be to speak of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness, the advancements we have made with the MSERIES rim structures produce that very outcome. The performance benefits are significant in much the same way that dialing in the right tire pressure is,” stated ENVE VP of Research and Development Scott Nielson. 

The new MSERIES is significantly more impact resistant than its comparable first generation predecessor. Remarkably, the new MSERIES rims are notably lighter than the previous generation mountain rims even with these improvements in impact toughness. For example, the new 29” M50 tips the scales at 320 grams while the first generation equivalent the 29 XC, weighed a respectable 385 grams. 

In order to further refine the ride tune of the new MSERIES, each rim model features a unique depth and width. Rim width is determined by pairing each rim model with the predominant tire widths used for the defined ride application. By optimizing the rim and tire interface, handling predictability and traction are improved. 

Additionally, the new MSERIES features an improved tubeless design that refines the union of tire and rim creating a more reliable seal and reducing the possibility of “burping”. This new level of tubeless performance is made possible in part by a new “hookless” bead design. Lead Engineer Brett Satterthwaite stated, “Our beadless hook design has performance implications that include better tubeless performance, pinch flat resistance, and impact durability. It is a design that truly plays to the strengths of full carbon construction.” 

ENVE’s new MSERIES is now shipping to authorized dealers and distributors around the world. The new MSERIES will also be available on select complete bike models from ENVE OEM Partners: Cannondale, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Turner, and Intense. 

About ENVE Composites 
Located in Ogden, Utah, ENVE Composites is a manufacturer of handmade carbon fiber bicycle rims and components. ENVE is a company made up of passionate cyclists that have created a unique brand and complete product offering based on a riding lifestyle. ENVE employees have designed and innovated some of the world’s most respected products in the bicycle as well as other outdoor industries. ENVE designs and manufactures 100% of their rims in the US. 
The new M Series will consist of 4 unique width/ depth/ layup variations. The M50 model being the lightest and most XC/ racer friendly and progressing toward DH specific via the M60 ('the all rounder'; epic rides/ weight conscious enduro) and M70 (bomber trail/ wide enduro), up to what is the new ENVE downhill specific rim, the M90.

M series catalog
M series spec sheets

General Tire Size and intended use for each model

Custom Color Options

Monday, April 7, 2014

Win Devinci's new enduro sled before you can buy it!

Cycles Devinci and the newly established Devinci/ Alltricks.com Enduro Team are giving away a new Devinci 'Mystery Machine' before it is unveiled to the public.

This mystery machine is being given away in conjunction with the newly formed Devinci/Alltricks.com racing team’s Enduro World Series (EWS) launch. Young gun French rippers Theo Galy and Damien Oton, alongside American, Mason Bond, lead the 2014 roster onboard the agile and ultrafast bike that features handcrafted-in-Canada aluminum frame construction, 160 mm Split Pivot suspension, and an awesome mix of Easton and SRAM components.
Contest is open to everyone 13 years or older, WORLDWIDE. For details and to enter, go to: facebook.com/Cycles.Devinci. Sharing with friends will increase your odds of claiming this sick bike.
Press release: 
'Cycles Devinci/Alltricks.com Enduro Racing is catapulting into the 2014 Enduro World Series (EWS) with a fresh squad equipped for results in a fast-growing category with no quit.
“The new team comes at an exciting time for Devinci, coinciding with the launch of some amazing products,” says team manager, Gabe Fox.“We’ve assembled a youthful crew and Alltricks.com on board is a big boost. Get ready to go racing.”
The Cycles Devinci/Alltricks.com Enduro Racing roster is led by French duo Theo Galy and Damien Oton. Galy is the 24-year-old reigning French Cup Champion and adds multiple top-15 EWS finishes to his expansive race resume. Ready to attack the season with upcoming races in Chile, he says: “I’m extremely proud to join Cycles Devinci. This cutting-edge Canadian brand defines mountain bikes for me.”
Fellow 27-year-old Frenchman, Oton, adds experience and intensity to the Cycles Devinci charge with multiple top-10 EWS results and a 15th overall in 2013. Rounding out the lineup is American, Mason Bond. The 21 year old was 7th overall in last season’s NAET Series and 5th overall at the Enduro Oregon Series.
EWS racing commences in April at Montenbaik Enduro, Nevados de Chillan, Chile. Seven 2014 stops span South America, the UK, Europe, Canada, and the U.S. Part of the EMBA group, which includes the venerable Crankworx series, the EWS is the flagship Enduro product—ushering in top riders from around the globe. Cycles Devinci/Alltricks.com will target all EWS races, as well as select events in Europe and North America.
"We’re excited to have a great partnership with Cycles Devinci, and I am really happy with the roster that’s been assembled this season,” says Alain Piacentino of Alltricks.com. “It’s a springboard for future success.”
Cycles Devinci is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer based in Chicoutimi, Canada. It has led the industry by way of manufacturing expertise and product development since its inception in 1987. Cycles Devinci continues to forge ahead with suspension guru Dave Weagle’s patented Split Pivot suspension platform. Combined with the company’s Axis Technologies, Devinci is set on a path for domination. For more details on Devinci/Alltricks.com Racing, visit devinci.com.
Alltricks.com transports cyclists into the world of bikes in one click. Based on the outskirts of Paris, ALLTRICKS.COM specializes in online sales of bike parts and accessories. We are passionate cyclists ourselves, and we are continuously adding to our selection to bring you the most innovative new products at the best prices possible.'

Friday, April 4, 2014

We're back!

Whew. Time flies when things are busy.

High Country Velo Advantage would like to thank all of our customers and vendors for a very successful (and really busy) 2013.

My sincerest apologies for the long lapse in blog posts. It's not that we didn't have anything to post about, we just didn't have time! We are looking forward to trying to keep up with the blog a little better in 2014....

High Country Velo Advantage has undergone some position changes over the winter. Brent is now back out on the road and McKenzie will assisting from the home office. The Winebargers have also added a little one to the clan (welcome Wesley Jean!)....and moved to Durango since the last post. I have also moved; out to Grand Junction to avoid another winter of snow in Summit County (it worked!) The trails are dry here and the weather is perfect. Come visit!

Here is a brief recap of what has been released and what has happened with our brands in the last few months:

Stevie Smith WINS at Hafjell and Leogang to clinch 2013 World Cup DH overall in dramatic fashion!
Hafjell video recap; 'The run' at Leogang that sealed the deal. Leogang complete coverage here.

Race Face releases 2014 product; pedals, wheels, Next SL Cranks, 35mm bars, 35mm stems, saddles and more.

Race Face Narrow Wide chainrings; 104 bcd with narrow wide profile teeth for excellent 'one by' chain retention. Here is the Pinkbike test.

ENVE releases the first full carbon direct mount DH stem; Made in Ogden, UT, USA
Direct Mount Stem spec sheet.

ENVE releases limited edition Greg Minnaar World Champ DH bars ; Made in Ogden, UT, USA
Minnaar Bar spec sheet.

ENVE releases 3.4 SES disc brake specific wheelset. Each rim looses nearly 50 grams and retains its industry leading aero properties. 3.4 disc specific spec sheet.

ENVE releases SES aero road bar. SES aero road bar spec sheet.

ENVE releases the SES aero TT bar.

Race Face releases the New Next SL crank with Cinch BB System. It weighs in more than 100 grams LIGHTER than a SRAM XX1 with the same size ring installed. Narrow wide direct Mount rings from 26-38, two-by, and 3-by set ups available. Pinkbike coverage. Made in Burnaby, BC, CANADA.

Stay tuned for some exciting new products from ENVE and a new ride from Devinci!